Cleaning with dry ice! Our projects!

Dry ice blasting offers many advantages, especially for a classic car restoration, regarding the removal of:
  •     Oil, grease and dirt
  •     Paints on bad surfaces
  •     Glue residues
  •     Tar- or bitumen-based underbody protection

Of course we do not only clean vintage cars with dry ice, but also any other parts:
  •     Wood
  •     Metal
  •     Plastic

What can we not clean with dry ice?
  •     The engine compartment (as long as the engine is in the vehicle)
  •     Electrical cables & electronics
  •     Rust Removal
  •     Spatula Removal
  •     Inaccessible places

We clean with dry ice only in the months January-March and June-August, as we need every hand to change the tire/wheel in the remaining time. We thank you for your understanding.